Monday, May 22, 2006

A break from baseball betting

Taking the day off... I've been thinking of breaking until after the all star break. That should be enough time to stop the bleeding and let the wound clot...

Just kidding, I'm not down too bad, nothing that a good (or great) week won't change... Anyway, I'm betting smaller units on baseball (as always), so I'm still up pretty nice from football season... In fact my bankroll is still bigger now than it was at the end of last baseball season. So I really can't complain... but I can still take a break.

We'll see. Maybe I'll limit my plays some until I get hot... or maybe I just need to walk away for a while... either way, I'm trying not to sweat it, so I probably won't have any bets for a day or two...

Oh yeah, I'm sure you heard about my great Preakness Pick. In all fairness, no one saw that coming... but the way things have been running lately, can I really be surprised?

Anyway, good luck on all your action... and I'll be posting/betting again soon.

- The Online Sports Bettor