Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Almost football season!

And I can't wait....

First I would like to say that I've been missing too many games this baseball season. The reasons:
International travel - it's hard to keep up with the league when I'm working in Germany during the World Cup
Living with my girl for the first time - it distracts from the handicapping
New job - just started a few weeks ago and I'm busy... Late nights and busy all day makes keeping up with streaks and injuries a bitch
Laziness? - happy hours and late nights = less time reading ESPN
Fantasy Sports - keeps me interested, but pulls from the bets

BUT this football season will be GREAT. With games only once a week, and my true passion for the sport, I will make plenty of time for handicapping. In fact, I've turned down several fantasy league in order to have more time to focus lines, odds, injuries, and picking games. (I'm still in a few leagues, but nothing serious).

I only play a few games for the first two weeks to help adjust/learn the new changes. In other words, I pass on a lot more games in the first two weeks than I would later in the year. Anyway, I'm excited, and in case you've been following my site and seen the lack of interest in bases this summer, I want to assure you that this will not be the case come the start of the regular NFL season.

That's about it for now.

Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor