Saturday, September 09, 2006

More on the Denver Bet...

Denver should be ready for tomorrow's opener. They got spanked week 1 last year by the Miami Dolphins, and that could make this a kind of a "week 1, on the road, revenge game". Mike Shanahan does not want to start this year off 0-1, and that loss last year (to a mediocre team) is a great reminder of that.

Shanahan has also stuck to his plan of not telling anyone who his starting tailback will be. Shanahan said earlier in the week, no one would know, not even the players, until the appropriate time, likely game day. I look for this to be a good example of the week 1 revenge factor at work.

Rams have a new coach, Scott Linehan. Last year, Lineham was the offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins. Week 1 revenge factor again!

The Rams got some needed additions on D and their offense has to be better with the return of Marc Bulger. But this is a new season with a new coach and the first time we get to see them play the new offense (not in the preseason). Not a bad team to bet against...

Denver is this week's Pick of the Week.