Wednesday, September 06, 2006

NFL Week 1 Football Bets: Added Plays

San Francisco 49ers 10-September-2006 1:15 PM PST
Spread +9 for Game -115
San Fran is a better team this year. So is Zona, but this line is off. Too many bettors remember the season the 9ers had last year and betting against them because of it... Anyone besides me remember the straight up bet I made on San Fran in week 16 last year? Probably not, but I bet them plus ten and straight up. Yes, I cashed both tickets.

Pittsburgh Steelers 7-September-2006 5:30 PM PST
Spread -1 for Game -102
Super Bowl champs as virtually a PICK is ALWAYS a play in week 1. With or without Big Ben.

Thinking about fading the Seahawks, but I can't! Everything seems to point to them losing, but I can't do it. They're just too good...

Thank god NFL Preseason is over!

- The Online Sports Bettor