Saturday, September 23, 2006

Upgrading the Saints to a Play of the Week

Every year, I've had at least 1 week where I've have two games as the pick of the week. Well, this week is one of them.

I'm already on da Bears, and now I'm adding NO +3.5.

This game is HUGE. Monday night, in The Louisiana Superdome for the first time since Hurricane Katrina, all of New Orleans is gonna be behind this team, as is the rest of the country. The Saints, which are 2-0 this year, came out hard in the first game of 2005 (after the hurricane) in order to "do it for the people of New Orleans". Anyway, we all know how good the Saints were last year, but they won that game. Well this game should be no different.

Emotions are running high, and while this isn't a "must win" for the Saints, it is for the city of New Orleans. The city knows it, the Saints know it, the NFL knows it, and the refs know it.

In fact, when I think of this game, it doesn’t remind me of the Saints week 1 win last year, but of the Giants 2005 week 8 win (maybe because I’m a New Yorker). Their owner of almost 80 years, Wellington Mara, just passed, which made this game a “must win” for the entire Giants organization. They crushed the Skins 36-0.

Anyway, seeing this game the way I do, I can’t just let it pass by without some kind of recognition… I already bet it, but now I’m adding it to my top weekly plays.

Good Luck.

Edit: After writing this post I just put a "to win" unit on the Saints ML +195