Monday, October 09, 2006

Adbrite vs google Adsense: And the advertising winner is...

Google Adsense vs AdBrite. Adbrite vs. Adsense…

I just had to make this decision, and I went with Adbrite (after a few days of research and thought)

While you flip through most websites, it seems like adsense dominates the industry. But I believe Adbrite is the better service (especially for this site).

Adbrite doesn’t have all the rules that Adsense has. While I was approved to advertise using both, I felt the adsense (and their anti-gambling rules) could easily pull my site from their network.

Also, adbrite allows people to buy text links on a site. This is a service not even offered by adsense. While I don’t have any people signed up yet, this could be a decent source of income. As you can see now, adbrite also does the standard, google type, pay per click advertising when you have no one purchasing links. In 2 days, I’ve already made $0.87. Nothing great, but it’s a start… money for nothing.

Anyway, I really feel like google’s adsense is kind of elitist, while adbrite is a cooler company. Who wants to support the snooty when there’s another way?

So now you know what I think… CLICK HERE to check out adbrite and decide for yourself.