Sunday, October 22, 2006

NFL Week 7 Football Picks: Final Card

Added Play:
Miami Dolphins (over Green Bay)
22-October-2006 10:00 AM PST
Spread -6 for Game -110

What happened to Miami this year? SI had them to win the Super Bowl... Well they'll win today. The Pack is in bad shape, the running game is a huge question as are they're wide receivers. If Miami rushes Farve effectively today, look for him to give up some big turnovers.

Other games this week:
Buffalo Bills Spread +5 (over New England Patriots) NFL Play of the Week
Kansas City Chiefs +5 (over San Diego Chargers)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +5 (over Philadelphia Eagles)
Cleveland Browns +4.5 (over Denver Broncos)
Oakland Raiders +3 (over Arizona Cardinals)

Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor