Saturday, November 04, 2006

Betting on Lance Armstrong - NYC Marathon

Sporting betting is funny sometimes. I just stumbled across this bet...

2006 New York City Marathon
Will Lance Armstrong finish the race?
Yes -770

Hello free money.

Sure, it's steep odds, but Armstrong is on the front page of yahoo in "Armstrong swaps bike for NY Marathon running shoes ". He's running for cancer. He has been training. Unless he loses a leg, he is finishing this race.

From the article:
One hundred runners have signed up to race as part of Armstrong's team, raising more than $600,000.

Former winner Alberto Salazar will pace the American for the first 10 miles before ex-Olympic champion Joan Benoit Samuelson leads him for the next 10. Olympic 1,500 and 5,000 metres winner Hicham El Guerrouj will run with him for six miles before leaving Armstrong to finish in Central Park.

"If I could break three hours I could leave happy."

"My schedule is so busy these days but I can bring a pair of running shoes with me everywhere I go and run for an hour and be complete," he said, adding his longest run was for 16 miles two weeks ago.

Like I said, easy money... I wouldn't bet a fortune, but I'm risking a unit for a little extra cash.

- The Online Sports Bettor