Friday, January 12, 2007

New Orleans Saints/Philadephia Eagles Football Pick & Pinnacle Sportsbook

Pinnacle Sports closed it's doors to US players yesterday... another one bites the dust...

I didn't have time to write up the Saints game last night, so I'm writing a little now.

The Saints are playing at home and this is a big deal for New Orleans. Even though they have dropped their last 4 at home, I see the home field advantage being big in this one. NO also has had an extra week to prepare. The Eagles only have 6 days with travel.

Since 1990, when the league went to its present six-team playoff format and rewarded the top two teams with byes, those top two teams are a combined 52-12. In the NFC it's even more one-sided, with the top two rested teams having a combined record of 28-4.

It looks like the sports betting public is on the dogs this weekend. For some reason, there is a lot of action on Philly, yet the line is creaping towards the Saints. Always a good sign that the big money is on New Orleans.

Other teams that I like this weekend - Chargers, Bears, and Ravens. Yes all favorites...

I'm thinking about bets, and will probably have 1 or 2 more by game time.

Good Luck this week.

- The Online Sports Bettor