Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Super Bowl Line - Bears vs Colts

Just found this on the internet... makes my Bears bet look better...
So confirmed Mike Seba, senior oddsmaker at Las Vegas Sports Consultants, which sets the line for about 90 percent of the licensed Nevada sports books.

Seba and his cohorts pump up the Super Bowl line to try to draw action on the underdog. The general public generally bets the favorite, and the general public bets on the Super Bowl more than any other game.

If you lose your bet, you have to pay an extra 10 percent. If the sports books can attract the same number of wagers on both sides, it will in theory stand to make 10 percent no matter who wins Super Bowl XLI.

Thus, Colts by seven.

"If it were a regular-season game on a neutral field, I'd say four or 41/2," Seba said. "We know the money normally comes in on the favorite. If you take the underdog in the Super Bowl, you're probably getting more value. But it doesn't mean you'll cash a ticket."

Nothing is guaranteed, but last year's Super Bowl broke a string of four in a row in which the underdog covered - including two outright winners.

Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor