Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Super Bowl XLI Miami - Bears vs Colts - Bet #1

2 Black coaches… blah, blah, blah… 2 Christian coaches… blah

Let’s gamble!

Chicago Bears
Spread +7 -115 for Game
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I’m not totally sold on the Bears yet, but this line is moving and I wanted to get a bet down before it went to 6… 2 weeks is a long time, and my impatience could cost me a little juice here, but I like where I’m at… By no means is this my only Super Bowl bet, but it’s my first and I’ll probably stay with the Bears for the game… But I could still bet the other way… Lets take a quick look at the Bears…

The Bears have 3 losses this season. Their first loss came in a huge upset against Miami. They were 13 pt favorites and lost by 18! (I was on Miami that game). I’ve read people referring to this game as an example of how better the AFC is over the NFC. I disagree. I think the Bears overlooked this game because they were playing the red hot Giants the following week… This happens all the time. Teams lose to other teams that they should kill simply because they go through the motions and focus too much on their future match-ups. I thought this was possible at the time and it was a factor in my betting the Dolphins. I still think that this was the case.

The Bears second loss came to the Patriots by 4 points on their third straight road game (another understandable loss)... This was a real game that Rex Grossman single-handedly lost with 3 interceptions and a fumble. While the Pats won this game, it was not a blow out and the Bears defense did a number on Tom Brady. Pro Bowler Robbie Gould also missed his first field goal of the season. (32 for 36 regular season, perfect in the playoffs).

Their 3rd and final loss was at home against their rival the Green Bay Packers. While these teams usually play each other tough, this was in week 17 and the Bears already had a bye…

Take these three games away and this team is undefeated. I know that we can’t do this, but I can see reasons why they lost those 3 games… Anyway, I really like this team coming in as underdogs in the Super Bowl. They are more physical than the Colts with a much better defense and bigger front line. People say “defense wins championships”. We’ll see if the Bears D can this game.

My Super Bowl Record:

When I was doing my “Plays of the Week”, I had the under in the last 2 Super Bowls as my strongest plays. I was on the Seahawks last year and still think that they won that game… thanks refs! I didn’t have a side the year before… I also had various prop bets, winning some and losing some to make a little cash…

As I make more bets, I'll be posting them here.

As always, Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor