Wednesday, March 21, 2007

valid security certificate error

It took me a while to log into blogger today. I keep getting a valid security certificate error message. It told me to look at "certificate errors" in Internet Explore Help and of course that was no help. After running my antivirus software and coming up empty, I finally found something on the net that explained it all.

It turned out that while I was in Vegas (I'll get to that), my future wifey had changed the date on my computer. Because of this our security certificate wouldn't work and it was causing all kinds of problems. She couldn't log into the bank, I couldn't get into Vanguard or Blogger... wierd right? Anyway, if you ever have that problem, all you have to do is correct the date and your machine will work again. It's good to know.

ANYWAY, Vegas was sick. St. Pats day and March Madness all rolled into one weekend was a ton of fun. I didn't bet as many games as I planned to (mostly because I was drunk the entire time), but I did a HUGE one...

Friday night, I was sitting at a Pia Gow table gambling with a few friends and 2 random guys (total squares) were talking about how they just got rocked from that day's games. F this team. F that team.

Anyway, they were going to make it all back on the Ohio State game -7.5 on Saturday. They said it was going to be their biggest bet of the weekend, and I loved it. I loved it so much that I told them I was going to bet Xavier hard. I loved it so much that when I left the table (in a mildly drunk state) I went over to the book and layed 10 units on Xavier plus the spread. I pocketed the ticket and partied the rest of the night...

Anyway, it ended up being a close game the next day with OSU coming back to win in OT. But I still won the bet (by a 1/2 point). Thanks to those 2 squares from middle America, I covered the rest of my trip (including table games) for the trip...

I didn't end up betting any other games... I was staying off of the strip, and was usually drunk and occupied when I was on it. It was still a great trip, full of fun and gambling and alcohol... what more could you ask for?

- The Sports Bettor