Thursday, June 05, 2008

F Baseball. How about stocks?

Well, I've had a bad run on baseball recently, but I have bought some stock recently. A few that I currently like are CDE and BAC.

CDE is trading around book value, has insider buying, a decent amount of cash and will soon by a major player in silver mining. It's also very cheap and could have some good upside. Management could fuck all the gains by issuing more stock like the have in the past, but I'm hoping they learned their lesson. Anyway, I bought this yesterday and it was up 4% today, so I'm happy with it and hopefully riding it for sometime.

Bank of America (BAC) is the current #1 Dogs of the Dow stock. A lot of people are down on this stock because of it's purchase of Countrywide (who has a lot of exposure to the debt market). Not me. I think BAC saw a company for sale on the cheap and step in to buy. Even if they overpaid, BAC's current share price looks like an overreaction by the market to me... and their dividend in currently paying over 7% (try find that return at any of the branches!) I bought yesterday, so my money says that this stock will recover and that they will not cut the dividend.

I'm not the only one who is buy financial stocks, Warren Buffet just upped his stake in Well Fargo. True it's a different company, but it's the same sector, and it think that that says a lot about the banks.

Anyway, I know that most people are watching the NBA finals, but I'll be betting against the Mets again tonight on the road in San Diego.

San Diego Padres +105 (at BoDog)
Josh Banks (R)

Good Luck.

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