Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sports Betting Football - NFL Week 4 Picks

4-3 so far this year betting the NFL... A few games that I like this week are:

Denver Broncos -9½ (-105) over Kansas City Chiefs - See my last post for reasons.

Minnesota Vikings +3 (EVEN) over Tennessee Titans

Minny finally had their first win last week, and I expect them to keep them coming. This will be the hardest team that Tennessee has faced this year.

Philadelphia Eagles -3 (-115) over Chicago Bears

Da Bears upset Indy in week 1, then lost their last 2. They should lose this one as well to a very tough Philly team with or without Brian Westbrook.

Atlanta Falcons +7 (-120) over Carolina Panthers

Atlanta has value here. They aren't getting much respect because they're 2 wins have come against KC and Detriot, but a full TD is too many points.

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Good Luck

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