Thursday, October 23, 2008

San Francisco 49ers and San Francisco Prostitutes – They Both Suck

This November 4th, San Francisco is voting on whether or not to allow prostitution in their city. While hooking is illegal in Cali, the proposed law would not allow police to arrest prostitutes in the city limits. If passed, San Fran would be the first major US city to allow prostitution, although they all allow sluts (Thank God). Prostitution is also legal in Nevada (but not Las Vegas) and Rhode Island (only as long as the sales happens behind closed doors). Rhode Island? Who knew?

Seattle Seahawks +5 (-110) over San Francisco 49ers

Everyone is talking about how bad the Seahawks are, but does anyone remember how badly the 49ers suck too? The 9ers fired their coach on Tuesday, but are favored to win on Sunday even though they haven’t won a game in a month. The Seahawks will probably be without Hasselback, but they haven’t had him for 2 weeks now and have only lost by 10 points twice over this period to much better teams, Tampa Bay and Green bay. I’ll take the 5.

Other betting thoughts - Not a lot of pretty home dogs this week. The Titans line looks a little low at 4. People are hammering the Giants +3 early.

Anyway, the hot streak is cooling, but I’m still 11-5 over my last 16.

Good Luck

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