Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sports Betting - NFL Week 12 Football Bets - More Added Bets

San Francisco 49ers +10 (-115) over Dallas Cowboys

This line is way too high. The way these two teams are playing, the Cowboys shouldn't be favored at home by more than 6. I'll take the points and look for the cover.

Tennessee Titans -5 (-110) over New York Jets

The Titans at home will be too much for the Jets. I expect NY to be able to run the ball some, but not do much else. Favre hasn't had an interception in 2 weeks. That streak will end on Sunday.

Already on:
Miami Dolphins pick (-110) over New England Patriots
Atlanta Falcons -1 (-110) over Carolina Panthers

That is all for now. I might have more Sunday morning.

Good Luck.

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