Sunday, January 18, 2009

NFL Football Sports Betting - Another Winning Weekend - Looking toward the Super Bowl

I just wanted to update this site after going 4-1 today! I think it would have been a solid 5-0 if Hines Ward didn't get injured. Anyway, it was another good day, and it now brings my season record to 53-33.

Now we have a full 2 weeks off until the Super Bowl. I'm really looking forward to the Arizona Cardinals/Pittsburgh Steelers game. I think it'll be a good one. The current line stands at:

Pittsburgh Steelers -6.5
Arizona Cardinals +6.5
Over/Under 47

I already have an early lean, but I'm in no rush to bet anything tonight. After all we still have 2 weeks to figure out the right bets.

It's really the prop bets that are the best thing about betting the Super Bowl. If you look at my plays today, I had 3 props going, and I expect to have more than 5 on the Super Bowl.

I'm not trying to a shill or anything, but if you don't have an account at BoDog, and you like betting Super Bowl props, you should open up an account with them this week. Every year they offer more prop bets than any other book, and some of them are real juicy. It's where I found the props that I bet today.

So, I'm happy with the way things played out today, and like most people, I'm really looking forward to the big game.

I hope your day was just as good as mine or better. Thanks for reading and good luck.

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