Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sports Betting - College Football Bet - Florida Gators at Oklahoma Sooners

Well, I didn’t do so hot on the first weekend of the NFL playoffs. I was in Vegas watching the line move on the Atlanta game and knew that I would probably lose that bet before the game even started. There was just too much money flowing to the Cardinals for Atlanta to stay favored. In my mind, Atlanta still had the better team, but Arizona showed up that day and the gambling community knew that they would.

The same thing is happening with tonight’s college game. I bet Florida -3 over a week ago, but now the line has moved as all the big bettors are dropping large sums of money on Florida. Well, I liked them at -3 and I still like them at -6… I didn’t post when I originally bet them, so I think my “official pick” has to be at -6.

Florida Gators -6 (-110) over Oklahoma Sooners

I’ll be back with some NFL bets tomorrow.

My NFL record is now 48-31 YTD.

Good Luck.

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