Thursday, September 17, 2009

Football Sports Betting - NFL Week 2

New York Jets +4 over New England Patriots

The Jets looked great last week, and they seem to have figured things out on defense. They also have a good QB, an O-line and a running game. Pats are coming off a short week and struggled against the Bills at home on Monday night. The Bills aren't a good team. The Jets are a good home dog bet.

San Francisco 49ers -1½ over Seattle Seahawks

I'm starting Matt Hasselback and Julius Jones in fantasy leagues this week, but I started Warner and Fitz in leagues last week and bet against them too. When you're in a few fantasy leagues, you'll have at least several good betting opportunities a year against your fantasy players. I'm not going to pass on a bet just because I want to root for my fantasy guys. This is real money (and so are my fantasy leagues), but you still have to make bets when you see value, and I see value here.

Value: The Hawks beat up on a bad team last week at home, while San Fran went on the road to defeat the NFC champions. Now the Hawks face a decent team on the road. It's too early in the year to say that the Seattle is good again.

That's all for now. More bets later in the week.

YTD record: 1-2

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