Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The new BoDog .com and domain dispute

For anyone looking for BoDog - Click this link

From BoDog:
As a part of the ongoing response to the lawsuit that caused a temporary disruption in Bodog Entertainment's use of trademarked domains, the company is directing all customers to alternate sites with little or no interruption to Bodog Entertainment services.

Bottom line: customers can enjoy everything that Bodog Entertainment has to offer right now. Everything they see will be the same as what they are used to and Bodog will resolve any minor glitches shortly.

The details around this lawsuit are a little fuzzy and apparently have to do with trademark rights over the BoDog domain name or Online Gambling in general. It was first reported that an individual was suing BoDog (probably the most successful online book) claiming to have a patent on online gambling. The suit named BoDog.com specifically, and to duck this suit BoDog changed domain names. This has since been refuted, but BoDog is doing business as usual at the new name.

I still feel safe in playing with BoDog through the new site, and I still consider them to be one of the best and safest sportsbooks online. They proved a lot to me by not folding to US pressures that were trying to push them out of the market… I guess we just have to wait to see how this case plays out.

Good Luck!

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