Friday, September 07, 2007

The NFL season opener and Fashion Rocks 2007

Well the Colts/Saints game came and went, and I didn’t write a thing

Week 1 of the NFL is always hard to bet and often full of surprises. I missed last night’s game (more on that later), but I heard that it looked like both teams were still working out the kinks for the whole 1st half.

It’s too bad that I’ve been so busy lately because I would have bet Colts last night. I decided on this game when reading the lines last week, but then completely forgot about it. I usually like betting the Super Bowl winner in the 1st week, and it would have cashed. Anyway, I’ll probably have a bet or 2 for Sunday by tomorrow.

Fashion Rocks 2007 was the reason I missed the Colts game. I was given free tickets to this concert last night (it airs on CBS tonight), and with their line up of stars, it seemed something worth going to… Anyway, this show was definitely created for TV. Since it wasn’t live, I thought there would be no commercial breaks, but I was sure wrong. They stopped the show every 15 minutes for a set change between performers, and I ended up out in the lobby at the bar instead of @ our seats for most of the night. If I had bought tickets, I would have been pissed, and I doubt I was the only one. I would say about 1/4 of the theater was empty by the time the show ended… the after party was fun though…

I’ll be back with a few bets tomorrow.

Good Luck.

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