Monday, October 29, 2007

NFL Sports Betting - Week 8 Football Bets - Monday Night Football

Terrible day yesterday for the homedogs. With the exception of Miami (which doesn't really count), they went 0-4. The bad news for me is that I had 3 of them...

Overall, I went 3-4 yesterday. Could have been worse.

Updated 2007 Football Record:
NFL sides: 15-12-1, +2.70 units
NFL totals: 8-6-1, +2.55 units
College: 9-6, +3.35 units

And the Monday Night Football bet is:
Green Bay Packers +3 +100
I bet this game on Wednesday, and I still like the play. It looks like Champ Bailey will play. He might slow down Driver, but that shouldn't stop the Packers tonight. Like I said earlier, I think the wrong team is favored here.

Good Luck.

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