Saturday, September 13, 2008

NFL Week 2 Sports Betting Football Picks

Arizona Cardinals -7 (+105) over Miami Dolphins

I'm going with Cards again this week. I detailed their strengths last week, so I won't do it again here. I'm also going with their defense again in one of my fantasy teams (5 turnovers and 4 sacks last week). Miami looked terrible last week. Sure they almost beat the Jets, but is that hard to do? I watched this game, and they made a ton of mistakes. This is a young team that might be able to beat the Jets, but not Zona.

Tennessee Titans +1 (-110) over Cincinnati Bengals

I'm probably not the only one that thinks that the Titans are a better team without Vince Young. Collins should be fine leading this team. The Bengals looked bad last week, and I expect the tough Titans defense to make Palmer look bad again.

Buffalo Bills +5 (-110) over Jacksonville Jaguars

In the last 2 weeks, Jacksonville has lost most of it's offensive line. Because of this Garrard was sacked 7 times last week, threw 2 picks and was hurried all day. I really don't expect the Jags to have pulled it together in a week. The Bills looked good last week, but this is more of a bet against the Jags than a bet on the Bills.

All bets made at BoDog.

I'm still looking at Seattle, New Orleans and Atlanta as possible plays. I'll be back to post them, if I bet any.

I'm really leaning toward betting Houston this week, but with the game being delayed, I think I'm going to wait until Sunday or Monday before placing a bet.

1-2 last week in the NFL... not the best start.

Good Luck

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