Friday, September 14, 2007

NFL Sports Betting - Week 2 Football Bets

1-2 so far this year...

Cincinnati Bengals -6.5 -110
EVERYONE is betting against the Browns. 92% of all bets on the spread and 97% of all money line bets are coming in on the Bungles. Personally I love this play (Cincy), and I got the line at -6.5. Again, Sportsbooks don't make money losing games like this, BUT how can anyone find anything good in Cleveland right now? I can't see it. I even picked up Cinci's defense to start in 2 of my fantasy leagues.

San Diego Chargers +4 -110
Pats, Lies and Videotape. This may be New England's home opener, but I'd like to see how they do when they are not stealing signs... The Chargers are a good road team. There is a lot of distractions in NE.

I was leaning heavily toward the Packers this weekend until: "The New York Giants got a boost on Friday, as both quarterback Eli Manning and defensive end Osi Umenyiora practiced in preparation for Sunday's game against Green Bay." I may still bet this game later depending on the news out of New York.

That's all for now... I'll might have more before the weekend is over.

Good Luck.

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