Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ron Paul Update & Sports Betting Update

A little reversal last week, but nothing to worry about over a long season...

Ron Paul ended up netting over $4.3 million on Monday. Yes, he is pro online gambling. Ron Paul says, "I believe strongly that the internet should not be regulated by the federal government and believes even more strongly that people should be free to engage in the activities they wish, as long as they are willing to take responsibility for their actions."

He is also against big government and the war in Iraq. You can read more about him here -

His next smaller money bomb is Veteran's Day -
The next BIG Ron Paul money bomb should be on December 16th, the date of the Boston Tea Party -
I'll be giving to his campaign on both dates...

Updated 2007 Football Record:
NFL sides: 18-14-1, +3.69 units
NFL totals: 9-7-1, +2.45 units
College: 9-8-1, +1.15 units

I'll be back with a few plays later.

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