Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Super Bowl XLII - Patriots vs Giants - More Prop Bets

Adding some non-football prop bets that I think have some value...

Will the entire Fox pre-game team pick the Patriots to win the Super Bowl? NO +130

- The Giants are the lovable underdog this year. I really doubt they pick the Pats across the board.

How Many Times will Joe Buck mention Peyton Manning's name during the Broadcast? (Joe Buck must mention full name in order to count.) UNDER 5½ -120

- Joe Buck sometimes calls Eli "Peyton" by accident. I think he'll get it right during the Super Bowl. I expect him to mention Peyton, but it has to be the full name. I have to admin that this is a stupid bet, but I heard it on Howard Stern and felt like the action. Of course, I'll probably have no idea on the number of times Buck mentions him until after the game.

I'm already on:
Ahmad Bradshaw - Total Receiving Yards UNDER 11½ -130
Will Laurence Maroney score a touchdown? YES -210
Plaxico Burress - Longest Reception OVER 23½ -115

All my Super Bowl Prop Bets are from BoDog (Link).

I'll be back with a Money Line pick (hint - I'm thinking Pats) and maybe a spread bet, an over/under, and/or more props.

Good Luck.

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